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From the Top Tech Tidbits newsletter

AT&T is giving its US customers a free copy version of Code Factory Mobile Accessibility, called Mobile Accessibility Lite, for use with its Android phones.
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From the EASI announcement list

Webinar Book Review Free Webinar:
Universal Design in Higher Education: From Principles to Practice
Presenter: Sheryl Bergstahler, Ph.D. DO-IT, University of Washington
Tuesday June 14, 11 AM Pacific, Noon Mountain, 1 PM Central, 2 PM Eastern
This presentation will provide an overview of the history of universal design,
back to its origins in architecture and product development. The presenter
will share examples of applications of universal design in higher education - to
technology, instruction, services, and physical spaces. She will also discuss
various approaches that have been taken to apply universal design to learning
environments, with a focus on practical applications that instructors can employ to make their courses more welcoming and accessible to all students.
The Webinar is based on the book: Universal Design in Higher Education: From
Principles to Practice edited by Sheryl Burgstahler which is accessible at Bookshare.

Free Webinar: Book Review: Managing the Assistive Technology Process: The
Nontech Guide for Disability Service Providers.
Presenter James Bailey, MS, Adaptive Technology Adviser, University of Oregon.
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From Top Tech Tidbits
comes this collection of links concerning Android accessibility.

1. In Android news, J.J. at BlindBargains has produced an audio demo of Intersection Explorer,and Adroid app that lets you virtually explore a map for orientation.

2. Here is an updated, admittedly incomplete,listing of accessible apps for Android phones.

3. Accessible Android is a blog detailing ways to use Android phones without vision.

4. Version 1.02 of the vOICe for Android is out, featuring an improved color identifier.
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Webinar: Accessible Android Smartphones: Jan. 20 at 2 PM Eastern
Presenter: Steve Jacobs, CEO, Apps4Android and President, IDEAL Group, Inc.
Apps4Android is an IDEAL Group subsidiary
corporation dedicated to developing free/low-cost, high-quality, Android
applications that enhance the quality-of-life, independence, educatability
and employability of individuals with disabilities.
This Webinar is open to the public and is free, but you need to register in
advance so we can send you login instructions. Register at the EASI
Webinar page.

In November, Apps4Android became the world's largest user of Google's
Text-to-Speech Library. Google developer's use Apps4Android's Speaking Pad
application to test their new voices before releasing them to market. Since
its inception on January 17, 2009, Apps4Android has built a customer-base
of over 400,000 users in 30+ countries.

Apps4Android's Assistive Technology Applications include:
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From Top Tech Tidbits

People can now obtain a 14-day trial version of the KNFB Mobile Reader
And the Reader software works on more phones.
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News Wire:

On Monday, November 23 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard time, Larry Lewis, President, Flying Blind LLC will be demonstrating netECHO, an accessible, phone-based web application that enables individuals who are vision impaired to perform a number of tasks using the world wide web.

netECHO, developed by InternetSpeech allows its subscribers the ability to use either a land or cellular phone line to access its server and issue commands through the sound of one’s voice or via the telephone keypad. netECHO is the perfect solution for users who do not own a PC or mobile device as well as a desktop or mobile screen reader, or for users who do own such devices, but wish to have a secondary alternative for dealing with the complexities of a graphical operating system.
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JaJah is about to launch the ability to make phone calls through Twitter, which I expect may make Twitter more usable for a variety of people with disabilities. There will be a 2 minute limit on the Twittercalls, more here
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Kes: I'm a little confused as to what this device is--is it an external Braille display for the phone? Or some sort of software app making use of a tactile interface?

Nokia Braille Reader gives SMS for the blind and visually impaired. It captures received SMS messages and brings them to the foreground for reading using Braille and tactile feedback.

The application has been developed in a joint project between Nokia, Tampere University and the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired.
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Cracked Media
The Sound of Malfunction
By Caleb Kelly
[includes sample chapters and table of contents]

How the deliberate cracking and breaking of playback media has produced experimental music and sound by artists and musicians ranging from Nam June Paik and Christian Marclay to Yasunao Tone and Oval.
September 2009 ISBN 978-0-262-01314-7
$24.95/£18.95 (CLOTH)

And here are a few links on assistive tech and accessible cell phones from
Top Tech Tidbits Page

1. Main Menu this week features three parts: a demonstration of the Magic Jack Internet phone service, an interview about Serotek's Accessible Event, and an interview about the forthcoming Orator screen reader for Blackberries. Main Menu airs at 01:00 GMT both Saturday and Wednesday, and programs are speedily archived for streaming or downloading if you miss the live airing. In the archive is a two-part series on using Facebook.

2. This Fred's Head post discusses a shareware screen magnifier which is regularly updated and is said to work better than similar products: Magnifying Glass Pro

3. Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 20 - $69 iPhone GPS Solution, TechShare 2009 and Ten Accessible Radio Apps for the ipHone

4. Listen to SeroTalk Tech Chat 27 on iTunes for Windows
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But first, here's an idea for how you can combine the practical and fetishistic aspects of eyeware

The following links are from
Top Tech Tidbits
Kes: I remember when this seeing through your tongue project came out, and I mentioned in a MIT class that I was sure it would be developed by the military before being developed for blind people; sure enough, this device was being used a one point by Navy Seals.
1. Serotek Podcast 19 discusses the Brain Port, a promising system that allows blind and deaf-blind people to gain useful visual information through the tongue, and review five products.

Kes: I am really lusting after the Book Sense XT, as I'm still using a Book Port which is no longer being supported.
2. Now that the Book Sense is out, Gw Micro is adding many articles to its knowledge base concerning it. The one of most interest to most people will be Quick Start Guide for the Book Sense
3. In SeroTalk Tech chat 25 4 Users of the BookSense Give Us Their 2 Cents

4. This Fred's Head article, entitled Coping With Low Vision may provide some useful information.

5. Everything you've ever wanted to know about accessible cell phones is fair game for the training and discussion on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 28 July at 00:00. See you there!

6. As Humanware and Code Factory prepare for the launch of the screen reader that will work on the newest Blackberry phones, you can enter to win one of those phones with its new Orator screen reader installed if you do it by the end of July.

7. Sarah Alawami is doing a series of podcasts on Klango a media player and multi-purpose worldwide computer network.
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I saw this posted to an accessible technology list, but I'm hoping to find detailed reviews on accessibility for users with visual impairements. The fact that the video is inaccessible does not fill me with with hope.

The new iPhone 3Gs has built-in accessibility features such as VoiceOver
and Speech enabled controls. You can find the (inaccessible) video
and here is a list of the accessibility features


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