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I've been enjoying Alexx's descriptions of signs he sees, but I really wish there was a Website where someone collected and captioned the best signs.
Yeah! "the semiotics of protest signs" --someone needs to do this as a thesis!

For now, could I ask people to caption the signs in this article?

I would also be interested in people leaving comments regarding their favorite signs.

Date: 2017-02-08 05:05 pm (UTC)
ambyr: a dark-winged man standing in a doorway over water; his reflection has white wings (watercolor by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law) (Default)
From: [personal profile] ambyr
1) Not Usually A Sign Guy But Geeze (written in block caps, no art. held by white male wearing a hoodie.)
2) Maybe We Should Add Pumpkin Spice To Racism So White Women Will Care (written over a depiction of an American flag. held by three women, who I would guess at being white, Asian, and Latina respectively.)
3) Keep Your Tiny Hands Off Our Rights (written in block caps, no art. held by someone who is photographed from behind, though from hairstyle I think it's probably a woman. gay pride flag in foreground of picture, U.S. Capitol in background.)
4) Also Bring Back @KimKardashian On Instagram (written in block caps, no art. held by someone who is photographed from behind, though from hairstyle I think it's probably a woman.)
5) Impeach (written in orange; sign also includes a picture of a peach with a very sad face)
6) Trump can suck my gay ass (plain black on white lettering. held by someone who is photographed from behind.)
7) This Pussy Grabs Back (written in block caps on cardboard. held by a hand wearing a black fingerless glove and black nailpolish)
8) Damn Donald, back at it again with the White Supremacy (written in black on orange. held by someone who is photographed from behind.) A Love Trumps Hate sign is also shown.
9) Liar [checkmark] Cheat [checkmark] Racist [checkmark] Sexist [checkmark] Homophobe [checkmark] Xenophobe [checkmark] President?! (held by young girl wearing a rainbow cape. an adult male beside her, possibly her father, holds a sign that says simply Yuck)
10) I Didn't Come Out Of The Closet For This Shit!!! (written in block caps in black on hot pink. held by someone who is photographed from behind.)
11) Free Melania (written in block caps on cardboard.)
12) Trump Has A Tiny Dick (written in block caps on cardboard. held by a woman in a black leather jacket.)
13) I'd Even Prefer Joffrey (written in block caps. held by man with long hair and sunglasses.)
14) The Only Thing More Absurd Than This Pussy Costume Is Trump's Agenda (held by person wearing a giant vulva costume which puts her head in place of the clitoris)

More later, unless someone else beats me to it.

Date: 2017-02-08 06:23 pm (UTC)
tpau: (Default)
From: [personal profile] tpau
1. Not Usually a Sign Guy but Geez
2. Maybe we should add pumpkin spice to racism so white women will care. (carried by 3 white women)
3. Keep your time hands off our rights
4. Also bring back @kimKardashian on Instagram
5. Impeach (and a picture of an orange peach with a bad toupe)
6. Trump can suck my gay ass
7. this pussy grabs back
8. Damn donald, back at it again with the white supremacy
9. small child carryign a sign that says "liar cheat racis sexist homophobe xenophobe" with checkmarks next to all of them and hten "president?" with a question mark. The adult with the kid has a sign that says "YUCK"
10. I didnt come out of the closet for this shit!!!
11. Free Melania
12. Trump has a tiny dick
13. I'd even prefer Joffrey
14. Tghe only thing more absurd than this pussy costume is trump's agenda. (carried by a woman in a labia outfit)
15. person in a penis costume with sign "free photo with trump"
16. tiny hands yuuuge asshole
17. Trump's reading list 2016 (with immages of Becoming a president for dummies, us constitution for dummies, how to not tweet for dummies)
18. this baby would make a better president (woman carrying a toddler in a sling)

ran out of steam more later

Date: 2017-02-09 05:36 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] serakit
Picking up where others have left off:
19. Someone holding up a sign which is a screenshot of one of Trump's tweets, reading "The electoral college is a disaster for democracy." The tweet is dated 11/6/12.
20. There are two signs in the shot. The one that is the focus is a plain-lettered sign reading "No Country for Old White Men", and the other is lower, off to the left, and lettered in blue with some red words, and reads "I am more than just an immigrant, transgender, black, Muslim, Latino, woman. I am a human being."
21. Two signs, both reading "Queef on him" in all caps. One is light blue lettering and has two pink hearts, the other is plain red lettering.
22. Three signs in one picture: one reading "Let's talk, not fight" in black and red on plain cardboard, one reading "If Britney can make it through 2007, we can make it through this!", and one that says "The future is female, no2" and there's another word on the end that I can't quite make out from the picture.
23. Sign reading "Gays 4 Trump?" with a picture of a person with long hair and a dress with scales that's captioned "Oh, baby, not my gay ass."
24. Black writing on pink posterboard reading "Mike Pence likes Nickelback."
25. Sign carried by a person of color: "Put avocado on racism so white ppl will pay attention. #NotMyPresident."

Still a few more to go in the article.

I think my favorite that I saw was a riff on Goodnight Moon posted to the Boston March Facebook group:

"Goodnight Obama,
Goodnight moon,
Goodnight legally unrestricted womb,
Goodnight science,
Goodnight facts,
Goodnight corporate income tax,
Goodnight water,
Goodnight air,
Goodnight equal rights everywhere."

(Yes, someone fit all that on one sign.)

Also a riff on Green Eggs and Ham: "I do not like you down my shirt. I do not like you up my skirt. I do not like you near my rump. I do not like you Mr. Trump!"

And of course the one that read "You know things are bad when librarians start marching."

crowd sourced captioning

Date: 2017-02-12 02:12 am (UTC)
bibliofile: Fan & papers in a stack (from my own photo) (Default)
From: [personal profile] bibliofile
Surely there are sites for this now? Like Wikia, but for images?

I wouldn't know how to start one, but I'd sure contribute.


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