Feb. 25th, 2013

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A [wandering into the aerye still half-asleep]: Media studies conversation: what is the original source of zombies as brain eaters?

K: Well, Hollywood-style zombies are not my forte, but I don't think the cannibalistic zombie showed up until "night of the Living Dead," so I expect brain eating zombies happened sometime after that....

[Conversation wanders around a bit until Alexx goes back to bed, and is later revived when LJ user tinybuffalo comes to visit and mentions "Return of the Living Dead," after which the conversation circumlocutes some more.]

According to TV Tropes, tinybuffalo got it right

but I feel certain that someone out there must have written a thesis on the topic of the socio-political implications of the emergence of brain-eating in the modern Hollywood zombie. Does anyone out there know of any scholarly papers on the subject?
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But this one is so cool: *blind* zombies *and* they are also Knights Templar!
"Tombs of the Blind Dead"
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I notice that some reviews complain that many of these versions are not very traditional, which I find to be a somewhat amusing concept because, frankly, I can't visualize pirates really fitting in with the sensitive politically-correct folkies. Most of these versions sound as if they were sung by drunken brawling guys set on plunder and pillage, and more than a few sound as if they wouldn't think twice about sticking matches in their hair and setting themselves on fire. So, in that respect, I think they sound pretty damned authentic. Plus, Tom Waits and Keith Richards are one of my favorite duos ever.
Son of Rogues Gallery


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