Mar. 24th, 2017


Mar. 24th, 2017 08:03 am
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Over the past few months I've had some radical changes in my drug prescriptions, and I've been feeling like I have more energy, to a degree that, while I had previously resolved to grow old semi-gracefully, I have done a 180 and decided fuck that. So I dyed my hair auburn and decided to get some of my piercings, which had closed up, re-pierced.

(I know some people are asking "You feel like celebrating feeling better by having a piece of metal inserted in your flesh?" and all I can say to that is "As a matter of fact, yes.")

Yesterday Ben C. was in the Boston area so we went to

Punctured Professional Body Piercing
1018 Commonwealth Avenue (across the street from the Green line station at Babcock and Commonwealth)

Ben had a car, which was very welcome considering the incredible cold.

The silver lining to yesterday's atrocious cold was that not that many people were inclined to take off even a single layer of their clothing, so we got to hang out and talk with Matt the Piercer for a couple of hours, which was great, because he is amazingly knowledgeable and could explain to me all the changes that have happened in piercing procedures and jewelry materials, and even let me hold all sorts of jewelry so I could get a sense of each piece while he explained about each piece, which at times included me being very confused and asking "And this hangs off...where?". We also talked about raptors and movies and prosthetics (he really liked my Delirium eyes). So add to incredibly knowledgeable very fan-friendly. The studio is also vegan, which means it doesn't carry bone or ivory jewelry, and only uses cruelty-free products.

In every way this was a great experience and I highly recommend Punctured. Plus, I love having the name in the contact list on my phone.

So, at this point, I know some of you are thinking, "Is she ever going to tell us what she got pierced?" and I really waffled on this. I was asking myself "Do I really want to tell the world where I have my piercings? That's kind of ...intimate."

Then I thought "Am I or am I not the same Kestrell who posted a detailed description *with pictures* about the making of her awesome Delirium eyes? Now *that* was intimate."

So fuck that. I got nipple piercings. The jewelry is purple ionized titanium bars. Matt, the piercer, gave Ben a long list with color samples, which included four kinds of purple, so I got to pick the purple I wanted and then matt went and put the jewelry in a machine which ionized it in the color I wanted. *Piercings plus geek tech!*

And to answer the next question, No, I am not going to be posting pictures of my piercings to the Internet.


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