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So, it's a rule that if you have a blind guy in a Hollywood movie, there has to be a blind guy driving scene. But this skit has to be the ultimate. [For the benefit of my blind readers, that's Stevie Wonder in the driver's seat.]
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Yesterday I got a new tattoo: it's a vine of ivy leaves that curl around my right wrist. I feel very lucky that the artist who did the tattoo was Victor, at Good Faith Tattoo. He took my design idea of an ivy vine wrapping around my list and literally made it blossom out into something magical. Today the swelling went down a bit, though the actual tattoo design is still raised enough that I can braille it.

You can see picks of my tattoo, along with pics of Victor's mermaid art and links to Good Faith Tattoo, at Alexx's journal
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Alexx: *complaining about how one of his favorite TV shows got cancelled*
Kestrell: Did you just call it Netflakes?
Alexx: No, but I approve of that word.
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I'm supposed to bring a picture and, while I can get Alexx to help search, I thought it would be fun to ask for other people's suggestions.

Here is what I want:
It's going to be a bracelet tattoo of a vine of medium to slightly darker green ivy leaves curling around my wrist.

I have small wrists, so I think the width should be no more than 1/2 inch wide.

I want an art nouveau style that curls abit around the wristbones, but I would like a slightly naturalistic touch with some added shading in the darker green.

Added later: I would really like a design that looks like filigree, with curling stems and separate leaves.

I'm undecided about the variety of ivy: I'm leaning toward the heart-shaped leaves--which variety is that? though the more traditional five-lobed ivy leaf is also cool.
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A couple of Friday nights back, I began having a bad earache and sore throat, and Alexx offered to take me to urgent care, and I said no (because I tend toward the attitude that unless there's bleeding from the eyes, it's not a real emergency), but then it got worse, so we went off to urgent care the next day, and, after much describing of symtoms and querying of which ear--to which I would occasionally say, "The one that used to be my good ear"--they peered inside and said I had a ruptured eardrum and it was infected. (What they really said that where there should be ruptured tissue there was no tissue at all, which was something of a mystery.) They gave me some ear antibiotics and recommended I follow up with my
otolaryngologist. So on Monday Alexx and I went to the ENT and I was sitting in the examination room with the ENT's assistant asking me about the problem, and then she asked me a question which sounded like "So you're having [insert garbled word here] hearing?" and I automatically said, "What?" so the doctor came a liiiiiittle bit closer and said just a liiiiittle bit louder "You're having duplicitous hearing?"

Well, that sounded about right, but not like the sort of questions doctors ask, so I asked again, "What?" and I still got "You're having duplicitous hearing?"

And this is when I decided that someone had slipped an evil Babel fish in my ear. It's not that I don't hear *most* of what people say, it's just there is usually one or two words in there that I'm pretty certain isn't what the speaker said.

(This is actually common with sensory impairments: the brain is like a Mad Lib machine, and if there is a blank space, the brain will pop something into that space, even if it is completely out of context. Visually impaired people will see strange and bizarre hallucinations, which is called Charles Bonnet Syndrome.)

But this meant by the time the ENT did come into the room and ask questions and asked how my hearing was I could say, "Did you ever read the Douglas Adams books?" and he emphatically replied, "Every one," so then I could explain about the evil Babel fish.

So, I wanted to post my evil Babel fish theory here in case it helps another hearing-impaired person explain things.

Also, my otolaryngologist said I didn't have a ruptured eardrum, it was a middle ear infection, so my hearing in that ear should return sooner or later. I'm not even going to wonder how my missing eardrum magically reappeared--perhaps I'm part salamander...
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And she replied: "I haven't been around very long. I'm still figuring that out. Grin."

I think that is one of the best answers ever.
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Or rather, the lack thereof, because a study had indicated that the cats that live with humans are still not very different from their wild cousins.
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It seems I can htell Pyewacket to call me "Mistress."

I also tried out the "Tell me something interesting" command, and Google Assistant's interesting fact was that, according to the Smithsonian, there are about ten quitrillion bugs alive on the earth at any one time.

"That's not very interesting," I said (yes, I did actually think it was interesting, but this was an experiment, for science).

"I know. I'm sorry. I get so excited about facts!"

Big surprise: even my smart phone is a Ravenclaw.
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Wandering into the kitchen to get some caffeine, my slipper got stuck to something and, when I went to peel whatever it was off, I found that it was a glue trap. More precisely, it was a *giant* glue trap, made up of five glue traps stuck together. And it really did not want to give my slipper back. I finally gave up and went into the bathroom to wash my hands, which is when M. came into the kitchen and paused at the sight of a single slipper stuck to a giant glue trap in the middle of the kitchen floor. So I came back in and explained about how my slipper found the glue trap and M.--who also had no idea why there was a giant glue trap there to begin with--took pity on me and pried my slipper off it using a pair of pliers.

And now I am safely returned to the aerie hoping I don't meet up with that mouse.
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Alexx wrote a more detailed review of this fun horror movie
but my version goes like this:
Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald go to Ireland and find themselves in a Hammer horror film, Zeldafinds out that she isn't neurotic after all, but instead is possessed by the spirit of an ancient witch, and Scott discovers that his superpower really is being drunk (although he also does a creepily dead on impersonation of Christopher Walken).

Oh, yes, and Christopher Walken as crazy Uncle Bill. And look, it even tosses in the Hammer horror staircase, spooky staircases being one of the hallmarks of a quality horror movie.

This is a really fun horror movie with little blood or gross-out, but lots of atmosphere and smart characters (aside from being drunk, crazy, and/or heavily sedated--honestly, the only sane people in this movie are the two kids).
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Over the past couple of weeks I have been *very disappointed* in myself for laughing at the outrageous sufferings of our poor persecuted President. I've been giving myself talking-tos and even shaking my finger at Alexx (since I can't see myself in a mirror), but Evil Kestrell remains unrepentant.Very disappointed.
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For the first time in years I feel as if I have the spoons for a day at Readercon, so Alexx and I will be there on the Satyrday of that weekend. However, since I have really missed the people as much as the panels, I'll be hanging out in the lobby, aside from a prowl through the bookroom.

See you all there!
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Ruthie Foster proves it, and kicks ass all over the place while doing so


Mar. 24th, 2017 08:03 am
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Over the past few months I've had some radical changes in my drug prescriptions, and I've been feeling like I have more energy, to a degree that, while I had previously resolved to grow old semi-gracefully, I have done a 180 and decided fuck that. So I dyed my hair auburn and decided to get some of my piercings, which had closed up, re-pierced.

(I know some people are asking "You feel like celebrating feeling better by having a piece of metal inserted in your flesh?" and all I can say to that is "As a matter of fact, yes.")

Yesterday Ben C. was in the Boston area so we went to

Punctured Professional Body Piercing
1018 Commonwealth Avenue (across the street from the Green line station at Babcock and Commonwealth)

Ben had a car, which was very welcome considering the incredible cold.

The silver lining to yesterday's atrocious cold was that not that many people were inclined to take off even a single layer of their clothing, so we got to hang out and talk with Matt the Piercer for a couple of hours, which was great, because he is amazingly knowledgeable and could explain to me all the changes that have happened in piercing procedures and jewelry materials, and even let me hold all sorts of jewelry so I could get a sense of each piece while he explained about each piece, which at times included me being very confused and asking "And this hangs off...where?". We also talked about raptors and movies and prosthetics (he really liked my Delirium eyes). So add to incredibly knowledgeable very fan-friendly. The studio is also vegan, which means it doesn't carry bone or ivory jewelry, and only uses cruelty-free products.

In every way this was a great experience and I highly recommend Punctured. Plus, I love having the name in the contact list on my phone.

So, at this point, I know some of you are thinking, "Is she ever going to tell us what she got pierced?" and I really waffled on this. I was asking myself "Do I really want to tell the world where I have my piercings? That's kind of ...intimate."

Then I thought "Am I or am I not the same Kestrell who posted a detailed description *with pictures* about the making of her awesome Delirium eyes? Now *that* was intimate."

So fuck that. I got nipple piercings. The jewelry is purple ionized titanium bars. Matt, the piercer, gave Ben a long list with color samples, which included four kinds of purple, so I got to pick the purple I wanted and then matt went and put the jewelry in a machine which ionized it in the color I wanted. *Piercings plus geek tech!*

And to answer the next question, No, I am not going to be posting pictures of my piercings to the Internet.
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So I started making a playlist titled "Angels and Devils," with songs that mention or personify either angels or devils.

The devils are definitely winning, so I've had to retitle it "Devil's Music."

This got me wondering if people had favorite recommendations for songs mentioning the devil.

I know you folk music fans have a million of these, and you should post them, but I'm really looking for songs with a rock or metal beat, though I include anything with a great voice in it, like this one with Johnny Cash

Devil Comes Back to Georgia
Edited lated: And yes, I already have all the Rolling Stones songs.
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Alexx: We haven't watched "Ironman 2" or 3 yet.
Kes: I can only take so much Tony Stark. How about "Doctor Strange"? Which one is he?
Alexx: He's the surgeon [insert more red kryptonite description here].
Kes: That doesn't sound very interesting. Who is the one who has mystic powers and transforms his girlfriend into a book? I mean, negative points for killing his girlfriend, but turning her into a book, that's kind of hot in a bibliophile bondage way.
Alexx [sighs]: That's Doctor Doom, and he turned his girlfriend into armor.
Kes: That's not very hot.
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If any of my Facebook friends or total strangers get weird links from me, it's because I was just dragged through FB hell. All I wanted was to like the post about writhing reptilian fury, but I think I ended up sending friend requests to people I don't even know. And didn't there used to be a simple mobile interface? and a nice little "Update status" field? Aaaaargh!
Facebook developers, I have a voodoo doll and I am putting your name on it *right now*.


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